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Aaron : Vocals
Brandon : Guitar
Phil : Bass
Patrick : Drums

All music and lyrics written by Social Damage

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released February 9, 2014



all rights reserved


STRAIGHT & ALERT records Nantes, France

STRAIGHT & ALERT records is a Hardcore label & mailorder located in Nantes, France

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Track Name: Wrecked
Special occasion good reason to drink
So you can be social without having to think
Slurred conversations of pointless thoughts
These wasted nights are all you've got
Hold your own don't embarrass yourself
Just grab another bottle of booze off the shelf
Fucking pathetic i'll never get it
Just another waste
Blood on the dash but at least you fit in
Try to forget so you get fucked up again
Can't take the guilt put a gun to your head
Pull the trigger it's for the best
Track Name: Unwelcome Mat
Your worthless existence is dragging us down
Your bullshit attempts at hanging around
Saving face, same fucking routine
Embarrassing process of trying to think
No money for shows but plenty to drink
No respect just proved that you're weak
You can't be apart of something you broke
You turned "your home" into a joke
Shitting on what you call your own
Not welcome here so go fucking home
We're no longer a threat
You've turned this into a joke
You've let every effort we've made
Go up in fucking smoke
Track Name: Forget
Don't want to hear your shit but i can't help but listen
My backs about to break with all the weight i'm lifting
Shove it in my face making sure that i can see it
It's sitting in the past i gotta learn to leave it
Can't stop thinking it's an itch that i can't scratch
Thought that i had won looks like i found my fucking match
Track Name: Tied
They control your mind and feed you their shit
You say its fucked but remain content
You're not rebelling you're sucking their dick
So don't preach to me fucking hypocrite
"fuck the system, let's burn a flag"
As you sit on your ass with your brown paper bag
Keeping you stupid by feeding you bait
You're fun being had by what you claim to hate
You're tied to a string
You're not weird but you play the part well
Getting fucked up on the shit that they sell
You're tied to a string
Track Name: Deadbeat
In and out, gone for good
Things were never misunderstood
Just another excuse to hide the facts
To place blame and cover your tracks
No more second chances
Your time is up
You spineless piece of shit
You never gave a fuck
Track Name: Thin Line
It's your problem don't make it mine
Don't drag me into your fucked up life
Those drugged up words you can't take back
A bullshit excuse to justify how you act
The things you said and the shit you talked
That thin lines getting harder to walk
It's your head thats fucked, there's no excuse
Don't waste your words, fuck you
The things you said, the shit you talked
Reach for my hand and i'll push it away
Now who's smacked who in the face