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Demo 2013


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David : Vocals
João : Guitar
Diogo : Guitar
Valter : Bass
Armando : Drums

All music and lyrics written by Clean Break

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released August 5, 2013



all rights reserved


STRAIGHT & ALERT records Nantes, France

STRAIGHT & ALERT records is a Hardcore label & mailorder located in Nantes, France

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Track Name: Cut And Run
As I take a look
I look all around me
I just can't believe
what I fucking see

I know things have changed
sure man these are different times
I see all these new face
I hope I don't see empty minds

I won't cut and run
I still believe
I won't cut and run
I'm safe and sound
both feet on the ground

You know how it is sometimes
out of sight, out of mind
we can't let all that we've built
just crumble down and die

I know how hard it is
to keep up the PMA
when everything around you
makes you want to throw it all away
Track Name: Save Face
Your words are slugs
aimed at my back
but my skin is thick
it won't fucking crack

I finally saw
what you're all about
you're a fucking stain
that won't come out

All that you say
and all that you do
you don't impress me
to me it's nothing new
I can see through the bullshit
cut through all the lies
stop throwing dirt
into my eyes

It's over it's done
without doubt
case closed
over and out
Track Name: Thick As Thieves
I hope we can find
a way to come back
from all that was said
dead air
I still can't believe
the way things turned out to be
between you and me
I still care

I refuse to conceive
that our die is cast
we're being held hostage for things
that should be buried up in the past
we must find a way
to rebuild back our bond
learn from our mistakes
let distrust turn to dust
Track Name: Behind The Times
You won't get ahead
we must fight back, fight back
you're hanging by a thread
stand down, stand down
another nail in your coffin
you can't breathe, can't breathe
we're going for the throat
you're as good as fucking dead

We can't take anymore
we've had it up to here
there's no turning back
let's keep it fucking clear
enough is enough
no more going back
it's time for a change
It's time to react
we've gotta fight back