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Demo 2015


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Evan Radigan : Vocals
Colman Durkee : Guitar
Ryan Hudon : Guitar
Reggie McCafferty: Bass
Darren Nanos : Drums

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released December 29, 2014



all rights reserved


STRAIGHT & ALERT records Nantes, France

STRAIGHT & ALERT records is a Hardcore label & mailorder located in Nantes, France

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Track Name: Settle
Can’t complain cuz you couldn’t have less than what’s there left to take
Face down in the bed you didn’t make
Head down slump that’s here to stay, and you say it’s no trap
Anyway it stands you’re on your back

You’ll settle
You’ll settle for less and less

No one’s gonna notice that your backs against the wall
Cuz you ain’t never felt it there yourself
All these consolations, and all this soft bullshit
Kills your fight before you’re in the ring

Don’t move
Don’t even budge an inch
Track Name: Piece of Crap Stomp
Eyes on the prize but make it seem outta touch
End game’s all mine cuz you don’t matter that much

Stuck in the backseat when you wanna take the wheel
Still ain’t figured out what’s fake and what’s for real
No point in being coy so drop the act
Life’s only worth living when you be a piece of crap

Your obligations make you weak at the knees
Well I’ve given up guessing who it is I should please

No point in masking your cheap appeal
Stepped up to the plate and you look the real deal
No point in being coy so just drop the act
Life’s only worth living when you be a piece of crap
Track Name: Die Commuting
Moving at half speed, but the crowd’s just too fast
Gotta be cutthroat, or you’re getting in last
Push and shove, there’s always room for one more
Can’t get a seat? Mush your face on the door
Daily grind’s stripped your feeling away
Late for the last time, no excuses today
Mind’s anywhere else than what’s beneath your feet
Step off the platform and your heart skips a beat

Could’ve happened
To anyone but you
Only realize
When your head hits the tracks

This is life at the top, squeezing in like cattle
Stare at wack ads, pretend nothing’s the matter
Just suck it up for a couple more years
Drowning the dread in afterwork beers
Cuz this daily grind’s stripped your feeling away
Late for the last time, no excuses today
Shove through the masses, cuz might makes right
At the end of this tunnel, don’t wanna see the light

Should’ve happened
To anyone but you
Just couldn’t imagine
Eating shit on commute
Track Name: There's Always Something
Made it through another day, dignity intact
Sit on it a little while then crash
There’s always something lingering, pulling you back down
Waiting for when no one else’s around

You wanna come back up
Forget this whole deal
There’s always a problem
So you can live in fear

Try to turn it off
So you can’t even feel
When there’s no more up or down…

Your fate is sealed, there’s no at ease, no joy to hold it back
Conscious of it and that’s fucking that
Can’t see the wood for the trees, and take things as they come
Panic grips the mind when you’re this dumb
Track Name: Don't Worry About It
See yourself as you actually are, recoil from the mirror you break
Not gonna deal with this while I'm awake
Scream 'n shout about vague bullshit, and anyone can relate
We’re all in this together, nothing at stake

Don’t wanna sound like an asshole
Just wanna be a peer
And blast the same noise that’s been here for years

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault there’s nothing new to say
Don’t fix what ain’t broke; kick back and chug the paint
Stand up straight, vomit out the mouth, it’s not too late