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The Worst Doubt is :

Hugo : Vocals
Emile : Guitar
Antoine : Guitar
Alexis : Bass
Dylan : Drums

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released March 18, 2017

Music written by The Worst Doubt

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Maxime Smadja at Chateau Vergogne

Cover Art by Maxime Smadja



all rights reserved


STRAIGHT & ALERT records Nantes, France

STRAIGHT & ALERT records is a Hardcore label & mailorder located in Nantes, France

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Track Name: Drown In The Deep
Living in a swamp where flies compete for shit
Acrid vapors of judgements no longer annoy me
Hate macerates in a purulent shell
Locked in, the only thing I hear is voiceless, ego howls
Fate wasted with a worthless will
Wasted, like another sheep
Life lost in the futile
If surviving is enough
Easily stirred by the waves
Entangled in greed, like there was no other choice
Spirit tied, an unsatiable slave,
When the hunter is just a ruthless prey
Source of your uncouscious scars
Fake desire implemented by force
In the ditch, wading in their moanings
Feel so sick of this shit
Holding me back,
In a place where temptation reigns
If I lose focus I'll be
Drowned in the deep
To reach the surface
I wish I had more than a lifetime
Fatalistic mind will be
Drowned in the deep
Track Name: No Power
As you step in the cold Hell
Every face is a mirror you're affraid to see
Temperature goes down
Bones are freezing, the struggle only makes it break
Heart scrapes all the filth
An open wound getting infected
Eyes closed, about to puke what's left inside
The emptiness clarifies
Faith abandonned
And then you realize
You have no power
Force drained
War is over, now it's in all your thoughts
You know you're lost coz It slaughtered hope
Endless appetite, never satisfied
It'll swallow everything that might contain life
Keep looking outside
Searching for something you'll never find
The venom is part of you
It'll eat you alive until there's nothing left inside
Makes you lose trust in what you feel, despise what you love
It infiltrates the faults, all existence rots
Fail to survive
Survive to fail
Condemned to wander
And waiting for the end
Track Name: Forged In Suffering
Catching the devil by the throat, I won't choke on my own
Leaving your deception let you fall off the rope
All these sins you wish I'd be guilty for
Look down there and you won't blame me anymore
Will they ever pay for the things I swore to crush if it's on my way
Striding these streets our path aren't the same
Which game will you play, Your justice my revenge
You can't destroy me as long as it burns
I forged my weapon in suffering it's why every blow hurts
Humanity is doomed just coz everyone think so
That nuisance you inflict is the one that'll cause your fall
But you can never destroy me as long as it burns
I forged my weapon in suffering it's why every fuckin blow hurts
So much things wasted, getting tired of looking for answers
We'll rest in the afterlife but there's a war to be waged now
Extermination to those who aren't hooked in reality
Annihilation to the world that's left in agony