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Vocals - Björn
Guitar - Gabriel
Bass - Gustaf
Drums - Per

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released April 10, 2016



all rights reserved


STRAIGHT & ALERT records Nantes, France

STRAIGHT & ALERT records is a Hardcore label & mailorder located in Nantes, France

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Track Name: Forced To Submit
Aching body, tired head
Off to the slaughter, off to be bled
Over and over, again and again
Same fucking bullshit with nothing to gain

Everyday, just a fight to get through
Everyday, there’s nothing you can do
Everyday, forced to submit
Everyday, keep piling on the shit

Just when I think it’s over, I wake up and start again
Track Name: Drowning
I’m all out of anger, all out of tears
I haven’t been happy in over ten years
This is a statement, my final good bye
Can’t go on like this, tonight I end my life

I’m drowning

I hear the cold water, can I really do this
No going back, I wonder will I be missed
Track Name: Random Acts Of Violence
Constant state of fear
People trying to gain ground
It’s us against each other
No help to be found

The state will protect you
There’s no bigger lie
It’s eat or get eaten
The weak are left to die

Vermin flood the streets

Random acts of violence
There’s nowhere you can hide
The vermin flood the streets
You’ll be swallowed
Swallowed by the tide
Track Name: Can't Win
Problems, problems
Never ending problems
Seems like I can’t win

Problems, problems
Never ending problems
Just when I was out
they pulled me back in

Let me leave
I’ve had enough
Don’t seem to matter what I do
but this is not what I want

My will being broken
All my dreams being crushed
The only feeling left
is one of pure disgust
Track Name: Wide Awake
Wide awake, desperate for sleep
Blood is boiling, can’t calm myself down
Tell myself it’s nothing, listen to the streets
Clock is running, react on every sound

Living my life chased by hounds
Waiting to be run down

Closer and closer, everyday
Trapped by myself, I can’t get away
Closer and closer, everyday
The hounds are coming, there is no way out